My name is Cassandra (Cassie). I'm a 28 year old, single white female, based out of the Wilmington area. The photos I've posted are 100% me ! There are clearly many identifiers that it would be highly unlikely that you will be getting a bait-and-switch situation here !! 


I know a lot of you have physical preferences, so I'll start by telling you about my attributes. I'm 5'1" and weigh about 140lbs. I'm naturally buxom with beautiful 34D's ! I have great skin and a youthful, well maintained body. I'm a  little bit of a fitness junkie and do spend quite a bit of time at the gym each week. As you can see from my pics, I have a full round firm rear end! That wasn't what I started out with in life...I worked hard and built that ass !! LOL My hair is red at the time of this posting, but may change from time to time, as with most girls. As you can see, I am a big fan of body art !! I know some may not be attracted to this, so I present myself "as-is" so that you can make a clear choice upfront and you don't feel blind-sided when you meet me. You cannot start a good relationship based on deception !!!

Alright, enough about my appearance and let me tell you about ME and what time with me might entail. 

I love giving Sensual Body Rubs ! My past boyfriends have always told me that although I've not had professional training, I'm just a "natural" at it. I have strong hands which makes for a great rub down, but the perfect sensual loving touch, well that comes with being intuitive and understanding a man's  need for touch ! 


I have a very different approach or philosophy you might say, than what you would typically find in a spa or from online gals these days. I'm seeking like-minded individuals that are tired or bored of the same ole rub-and-tug scenarios and are looking for more of a mental and physical experience. It must be exhausting to keep having to browse through tons of profiles each day or week, looking for someone new that might be down-to-earth enough to "want" to make a real connection with you. For me, I do not want a string of different after day. Ideally, I want men that are looking for long term, no-strings attached mutually beneficial friendships. Yes, that sentence alone is a bit of a mouthful. LOL, so let me break it down real quick


What do I consider "Long Term", well, I want you to feel comfortable enough in my company that you come back time and time again. That with each visit, we get to know more about each other and as time goes on it feels more like you're coming to hang out with your friend for a bit...for some loving, some affection and some stress relief.

If you are a business man  here temporarily, well I am not opposed to meeting. I would hope that if we make a connection, then you will want to see me whenever you are in town !

If you have seen my girlfriend Anita Bonita in the CB area, let me know and you do not need to be rescreened by me....and if you want to see her and you've already seen me....then just let her know and she will book you without being re-screened !!

No Strings Attached....You have no commitments to me. You have enough commitments already !! I have no commitments to you. I don't want them. I'm a free spirit and like being the boss of me ! However, when we are together we get to enjoy each others company. Pure and simple. We leave our real world commitments, checked at the door....and when that door closes behind is now OUR space...OUR time together.


Mutually Beneficial...I understand that girls like me fulfill a need. I have no delusions about this. Men that have been in long term relationships have the SAME needs !! (Well, lets just say MOST men just in case there is that one rare bird out there that does have it all, but likes to cruise adult sites because he's a thrill seeker !! ) Most men are lacking affection, attention and most importantly female touch !! Its the natural evolution of most relationships and sad to say, but usually its the female that changes with age and menopause...etc. Men seem to have the same drive and needs as they did when they were 18 years old. It doesn't go away with age or even when the equipment isn't fully operational....the need and drives are still the same !!!

I offer that love, affection and attention you need. In my company, you have my full attention. Its YOUR time, so you will not find me doing my nails or playing with my phone or watching TV !! When you are here, its all about you !! Completely about YOU !!

What do I get out of this ? Well, your friendship and your company ! but also, your generous donations keep me in lifestyle that I'm accustomed to and maintains my quality of life. I love to spoil my gentleman friends, but I love to be spoiled as well. 

So, lets now dream a little dream together !! You emailed or texted me and we make arrangements to meet. Yes, I do a light screening, so be prepared for some simple questions to validate that you are a real person !


You come to my private incall location in the Wilmington area. When I open the door, I will be perfectly dressed in something eye-catching, maybe a tight little dress (or maybe a short flowy summer dress that lays gently against my body, teasing you with the outline of my curves) and always with some sexy heels on to show off my shapely, firm legs. I greet you with a hug and a light kiss on the cheek to break the ice ! 


We sit on the couch for a bit, intimately close so that you know there is no "personal space" when we closed that door behind us. Couch time is always required !! I expect it and need it. If you are shy, no worries, I can guide you through this, but you have to be "open" to it. I want to slow the pace and get to know you. I want you to get to know me. Its not going to happen in the hour or two that you are with me, but we will create a good foundation if we do and over time....well "couch time" will be us catching up on whats going on in our lives. You know in your mind, you've said it 10's of times, that if I girl just gave you the chance, she would fall in love with you...because you are a great guy !!! Well, if you do not invest this time with a girl, you are not giving her a chance !! I know, some girls don't get this and they don't allow you couch time. You are in and out the door so fast, you feel nothing of the encounter except going back online to browse some more profiles !

Anyways, once we are comfortable, I dream of you getting undress and laying on my bed to receive a fabulous, sensual sexy body rub that involves intimacy, loving feathery touches. I'm skilled and methodical in my touches. I know how to tantalize and tease your senses and stimulate your libido. I'm no prude and very comfortable in my own skin, so have no issues being topless, but usually keep my bottoms on. As we build this relationship, I'm not opposed to going full nude during massage time, but I don't promise this in advance.  I allow playtime with the twins. The kitty is off limits, until the day that I am more comfortable...if that day should come ! If you've done all the right things along the way, I may allow you to lay me down and give me a body rub (Reverse Massage Time) !! Don't be offended if its not something that happens on a first visit. Please. I feel extremely vulnerable in this position, so there will be a trust issue, which is usually overcome with time. 


In this dream, my finishing touches leave you happy and wanting to plan our next get together. With time, I'm not opposed to more intimate playtime however I do not consider myself an escort and am not able to have that type of intimacy with a complete stranger (a discretionary companion is a more appropriate title). If there should ever be a time that we become close enough that an upgrade option is on the table....we will discuss the expected donation together in the  privacy of my place. 

As I mentioned to start, I am a single female with no ties. I'm able to go out for lunches, dinners....walks on the beach...etc...with my companions. All date nights are a minimum of 3 hours. I will dress appropriately for every outing. You can tell me how to dress to your preference. If the body art needs to be covered, I can still be wearing something sexy that minimizes my artwork 🙂 


Please be respectful in all communications with me. I only see Mature, Respectful Men !


I'm flexible with my time, but I am very low volume, so try to plan ahead so that you get your desired day and hour.

If you have seen my girlfriend Anita Bonita in the CB area, let me know and you do not need to be rescreened by me....and if you want to see her and you've already seen me....then just let her know and she will book you without being re-screened !!

Upscale Private Incall

Wilmington, NC

Mon to Sat

10am to ???

1.0 hour - 200

1.5 hour - 260

2.0 hour is 320

200 each additional

910-475-1479 (Text Only)

Appointment Inquiry
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